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Our services are extensive — and important. From a client point of view, we are a “partner for hire”, working to build their company/business and to manage the larger environment to secure every possible advantage. From the investor perspective, we are a “security blanket”, providing a level of expertise that minimizes their risk. They see an enterprise with a level of understanding of the myriad elements of success found only the most sophisticated companies.

Originally published in ‘Business Black Box’, a South Carolina upstate ,magazine, this commentary on tourism has been useful to clients in the hospitality arena because it clarifies a way to think more deeply about the obvious (yet often ignored) issue of defining your market from the narrowest perspective to the broadest. With far too many people, starting from the broadest view allows them to stop and embrace only the most expansive and optimistic picture. However, going from narrowest to broadest forces a view that urges one to consider “what next/what more?” and builds an inherently strategic vision of even a nascent business. So … Tourism or telecommunications, building from the narrowest perspective leads to achieving the broadest success.

It is common to hear even savvy people say that things are “stacked in favor of huge corporations”, “lobbying only benefits the big guys”, or even that “government and the big corporations are in cahoots” — but none of these things is true. While it may seem that only big corporations benefit — and statistically it may be true — the simple fact is that anyone can get the same benefits IF they go after them.

When I hear of an emerging market, I’m at least mildly interested. But an emerging $3 trillion market catapults me way past mildly interested into the fully engaged category. Any number with a full dozen zeros neatly lined up behind is a real attention grabber.

A little more than a decade ago a discussion about global warming involved some scientists, three tree-huggers and a spotted owl. Then came the KYOTO ACCORD and the topic was thrust on the world stage, to be a topic of debate for years.

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