Consulting to Emerging Technology Companies

Among the things which we can provide are:

1) Consulting in preparation for seeking/securing investment and on-going successful management of company growth which would include such things as

  • strategic planning, business development planning
  • preparation of “road show” for investor community
  • Management to enhance credibility, increase investor confidence
  • deal structure and negotiation to realize maximum return
  • development of value realization options

Legislative Analysis/Action

2) One of the most significant barriers to the successful integration of new technologies is the lack of enabling legislation which smooths the way for broad acceptance. Therefore, our efforts will, as appropriate,

  • Get our client registered in all relevant data bases, establishing them as a presence in the “go to” world
  • Create a federal standard which allows the government to buy a client’s product, often as a sole source contract
  • Assist in the creation of RFPs that are designed to gain opportunities as sole source or single bid contractor/supplier; respond to RFPs
  • Establish eligibility for federal loans, grants, contracts
  • Manage legislative requirements at local, state, and federal levels
  • Implement a “Capitol Hill Day” to showcase a client’s technology to members of the House and Senate, and other officials (V.P., President, cabinet members)
  • Elicit letters of support from Congressmen and Senators, and have such letters entered into the Congressional record.

These things are designed to lead to a) a mandatory sales environment for any technology/products/services, b) the ability to recoup most of R&D costs, and c) inclusion as a specific appropriation in upcoming budgets. Importantly, without these things, as far as the government (and thereafter, the larger marketplace) is concerned, a technology has no legally documented right to exist.

International Impacts

3) International impacts are of real significance as business and technologies address an increasingly global marketplace. Therefore, we will

  • create and codify international export standards for your product
  • include these standards in trade agreements ensuring your place among vendors who are given serious consideration
  • determine and maximize potential benefits, if any, from existing and pending programs (i.e. EB-5, foreign trade zones)
  • facilitate international interactions where needed.
  • set up import/export to recoup up to 90% of shipping costs

External Factors Planning

4) External factors planning is about analyzing the factors in where and how to set up business to gain the greatest operating advantage. It is fundamental to the success of any enterprise and includes

  • shopping for the best incentive plans from state and local governments
  • negotiating and maximizing the incentive package to get such advantages as relocation funding, expansion capital, tax credits, free building(s)
  • setting up site visits and meetings with decision makers, contracting officers
  • securing tax advantages for job creation and underwriting for job training to ensure a suitable workforce

Our services are extensive — and important

From a client point of view, we are a “partner for hire”, working to build their company/business and to manage the larger environment to secure every possible advantage. From the investor perspective, we are a “security blanket”, providing a level of expertise that minimizes their risk. They see an enterprise with a level of understanding of the myriad elements of success found only the most sophisticated companies.

Finally, Simpson & partners levels the playing field by providing services and expertise that are usually available only to the biggest and most powerful companies.



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