About Simpson & Partners

Who We Are

Established in Connecticut in 1980, Simpson & Partners today calls South Carolina home, with what many believe to be one of the world’s most beautiful and gracious cities, Charleston, as its base. Charleston has a world class port which ships, among other things, all the BMW’s made in the SC upstate. The area has become a technology and aerospace hub and more with companies like Boeing, Spawar, Blackbaud, Automated Trading Desk, Volvo, FloraLife and People Matter all having operations there. South Carolina also enjoys among the highest levels of foreign investment per capita  in the United States with over two hundred and fifty foreign companies such as Michelin, BMW and Bosch all recognizing the value of doing business here.

What We Do

We have completed assignments for clients from small businesses to industry giants whose names are recognized world-wide in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning, marketing and business  development
  • Technology assessment, acquisition and fulfillment
  • Legislative and regulatory insights
  • Due diligence, venture planning and implementation
  • Environmental sustainability and stewardship
  • Executive coaching and succession planning
  • Cause marketing and not-for-profit initiatives
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How We Do It

Over time, S&P has combined traditional business practices with an emphasis on infusing client organizations with a true marketing spirit and entrepreneurial energy.  Continuous research and monitoring of contextual factors such as social and policy trends  minimize the occurrence of “unintended consequences” 

S&P has developed proprietary approaches to solving problems and creating opportunities for growth including our Custom Think Tank, Innovation Pipeline, and more.

Our breadth of experience across multiple industries has informed these approaches, and taught us that immersion in a single industry or technology can create self-imposed limitations and give rise to the dangers of “that’s not how it’s done”. The non-linear, expansive thinking of our proprietary work is the best antidote for such tunnel vision.

Importantly, we recognize that your company is unique, so what we deliver is first, a customized response to the challenges you face, and then, the tools and training for you — your people, your resources, and your culture — to own and use new skills after we have gone. We know that as appealing as trendy answers may seem, relying on the current boilerplate cannot gain you the competitive advantage you need, so our approach is not only to help you to be “better than” but also to differentiate you — to help you adopt a leadership mindset, not a “me, too” posture.

About Our Clients

We seek and are sought by clients who are committed to excellence and who can increase, with our assistance, their ability to serve their varied constituencies. We are eager to discuss how we might help you. You may contact us at (843) 327-0444 or ds@simpsonandpartners.net.

Simpson & Partners’ associates in Greenville, Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, and Savannah, along with its affiliates in France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe, ensure that both U.S based and foreign clients are well served.

Mission Statement

To use our analytical, teaching, and consulting skills to help clients reach meaningful goals, achieve sustainable growth, and meet the challenges of the future by providing valuable products and services to their constituents.

Simpson & Partners, LLC. seeks clients, both large and small, with whom we can share a commitment to excellence, ethical practices, accountability, and respect for all in every aspect of what they do.

Signs You Might Need Us

We’re different —  and we’re proud of it. Simpson & Partners business development and business coaching is a specialized consulting firm with a unique approach to business building which has been proven effective for both marquee name companies and start-ups alike.
  • Slow, declining, or nonexistent year-over-year growth
  • Business growth has stalled with no apparent means of recovery
  • Departments consistently fail to meet established goals
  • Goals have become inconsistent, murky, and are increasingly difficult to set or meet
  • Your business is reacting to circumstances as they come rather than being proactively strategic
  • Rapid growth has led to issues with consistency and oversights
  • You want to grow your business but don’t/can’t bring on permanent employees
  • Your organization is facing a new change and you lack a vision for how to manage it
  • Team members are experiencing increased stress and lower organizational satisfaction
  • Consistently searching for resources but unable to find what you are looking for

Our clients


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