We Don't Fit The Mold, We Break It.

Simpson & Partners is a situational resource, not a permanent part of your organization. With over a century of combined experience in a broad range of exciting assignments for companies worldwide, we are your best resource!

Technology Application

S&P helps clients unlock potential by creating market-focused applications. Our technology-agnostic approach delivers value and contributes to growth, innovation, and sustainability.

Business Intelligence

Traditional market research falls short in creating new products and services. S&P has proprietary methods for accurate information gathering, critical thinking, synthesizing, and analysis.

Policy Impacts

Businesses often ignore non-business factors that affect their growth. By monitoring policy trends, we help clients anticipate changes, secure incentives, and capitalize on opportunities.

Simpson & Partners

Breaking the Mold

We’re different —  and we’re proud of it. Simpson & Partners business development and business coaching is a specialized consulting firm with a unique approach to business building which has been proven effective for both marquee name companies and start-ups alike. We are not a permanent part of your organization but a temporary presence which delivers results without draining your resources by requiring new hires, overhead, or benefits.  We have enjoyed multiple assignments with valued clients and are proud that they consider us to be a highly cost-effective, albeit situational, part of their team. Blending traditional and proprietary approaches, our services have been described by clients as “a game changer” and “most impactful consulting we’ve ever experienced.”

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Signs You Might Need Us

We do not claim expertise in your business. You already have expertise on your team, and that may be part of the problem! Our expertise is solving problems, meeting challenges, breaking down barriers, and building business. We help clients get beyond old limitations to shape new successes.

  • Slow, declining, or nonexistent year-over-year growth
  • Business growth has stalled with no apparent means of recovery
  • Departments consistently fail to meet established goals
  • Goals have become inconsistent, murky, and are increasingly difficult to set or meet
  • Your business is reacting to circumstances as they come rather than being proactively strategic
  • Rapid growth has led to issues with consistency and oversights
  • You want to grow your business but don’t/can’t bring on permanent employees
  • Your organization is facing a new change and you lack a vision for how to manage it
  • Team members are experiencing increased stress and lower organizational satisfaction
  • Consistently searching for resources but unable to find what you are looking for

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