Case Studies

Simpson & Partners takes confidentiality very seriously.

Our commitment to confidentiality precludes sharing of specific details of any assignment. In our case studies, we have altered and blended proprietary details of actual assignments to provide a realistic view of Simpson & Partners’ practice without compromising client confidence.

  • Hospitality

    When a hospitality company that represented several well know franchise brands wanted to expand, they looked to Simpson & Partners business savvy and legislative expertise to help them recoup more than half the cost of building their latest hotel (open 2016). With this “found money” they are able to have more operating capital and move on to their next project quicker.

  • Technology

    When a Fortune 500 company wanted to spin out profitable new lines of business with minimal risk, Simpson & Partners applied the disciplines of corporate entrepreneurship, once considered an oxymoron. By working with top management to establish an internal venture capital organization, multiple businesses were able to be considered and several were created, becoming flourishing entities.

  • Government

    Consistent on-going monitoring and analysis of legislative and regulatory issues provided insight into imminent changes for which industry giants were lobbying. These new rules would create significant competitive advantage for very large companies while doing damage to small/young competitors. Early intelligence allowed the young client company to be grandfathered in so they could continue playing in the regulated space with no competitive disadvantage. This allowed them to maintain existing contracts and gain valuable time to make changes that allowed them to reposition on a level field, touting the customized service levels they provided.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Doing business in a regulated environment has its own special challenges, but a comprehensive plan can make it less daunting. By applying strategic marketing disciplines every step of the way from FDA approval process, to product introduction to the medical community, to patient educational materials, Simpson & Partners was able to help a major international pharma company create significant improvements in important surgical procedures through new product introductions.

  • Health

    Many things that are vital to the smooth running of a hospital are not directly involved with patient care, but address instead the “hotel” aspects of the facility. By removing cost centers which were not patient-care oriented and recreating them as independent profit-making subsidiaries, Simpson & Partners was able to help a well-known hospital system to drop significant new revenues to the bottom line which were then applied to improved patient care.

  • Telecom

    When faced with a court order to alter its business practices, a major telecom company retained Simpson & Partners to create an inventory of technologies previously dismissed as non-strategic. The inventory was then qualified, with several formerly non-strategic technologies being used as foundations for new business initiatives, resulting in new profit centers allowable under the court decree.

  • Engineering

    In order to decrease its dependence on defense contracts, an engineering based company asked Simpson & Partners to develop a new strategic plan. The plan altered the company’s mix of businesses and allowed it to achieve greater presence in non-defense related markets. The resulting improvements in company performance won kudos from Wall Street.

  • Ophthalmics/Glass

    A simple product placement in a hit movie, coupled with a new approach to marketing communications allowed Simpson & Partners’ client company to move its eyewear out of the utilitarian category and reposition it as a fashion accessory.

  • Footwear

    Consumers can be fickle, so building brand loyalty is essential for a company if it is to survive. Simpson & Partners helped a major footwear manufacturer to reposition itself and create a new corporate identity. Building on its strength in bio-mechanical technology, the company became more than mere footwear and entered the realm of “partnership” with consumers, empowering them to achieve new heights and pursue greater goals in their physical activities.

  • Venture Capital

    Simpson & Partners’ extensive research capabilities have been invaluable to various venture capital organizations, companies and investors. The due diligence process is the foundation for decision making in investments and acquisitions and wise investors have used Simpson & Partners’ expertise in acquiring and analyzing information as one of their best resources.

  • Entertainment

    A well know entertainment company decided they wanted to take the show on the road, we were able to help them lay out the most beneficial deal structure and perform the due diligence to select cities that meet their needs and demographic. Deal structure and seeking out the correct partnerships both private and with the selected municipalities was Simpson & partners main role, even though we have a great ear for music.

  • Environmental

    Bridging the gap between R&D and commercial success is at the very core of what Simpson & Partners does.It was only natural to play a role in strategic planning and creating marketing materials when an organic waste stream management break through at a prestigious university became the basis for a new business. The business was acquired at a premium by one of America’s marquee environmental organizations, and the S&P template has been used in areas from methane capture to alternative energies to alternative fuel vehicles — a broad range of environmental impact technologies — leading to successful businesses, acquisition, and IPO.